Dear Zen Moving Customer:

We are very sorry that you incurred damage during your recent move with us.

A claim for loss or damage should be acknowledged and documented within 30 days after delivery for local moves and 60 days for long distance moves.

Zen Moving must be able to inspect the damage within a reasonable amount of time from delivery for the purpose of establishing liability and should resolve the issue within 120 days after the claim.

To reduce delay in the handling of your claim, fill out this form completely, including submission of supporting proof of value for items not repairable.

Please do not secure paid estimates, repair, or dispose of any items unless cleared with this office. Salvage may be retained for items deemed non-repairable and replacement cost is paid.

Please review the Service Agreement before submitting your claim, to ensure the item is available to be covered.

We regret that the relocation of your goods did not take place without incident and apologize to you for any inconvenience.


Zen Moving

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