As a convenience to our customers, we provide Packing & Moving Supplies at near cost from our supplier.

Moving Packages

ItemCostDescriptionStudio - 2 Bedroom Apartment
Average Supplies Needed
Small - Large House
Average Supplies Needed
1.25 cubic foot book box$1.95Books, small fragile display ornaments.5 boxes10 - 15 boxes
1.75 cubic foot small box$2.25Dishes, books, cans, glasses, small kitchen items.5 - 15 boxes15 - 25 boxes
2 cubic foot medium box$2.70Medium kitchen items, cans, glasses.5 - 10 boxes15 - 25 boxes
4 cubic foot large box$3.50Clothes, pots, pans, and other items.5 - 10 boxes15 - 25 boxes
6 cubic foot large box$5.10Larger items such as pillows, blankets, bedsheets, computer hardware.0 - 5 boxes5 - 10 boxes
Wardrobe box with bar$15.25Hanging clothes, usually for jackets and outer garments.3 - 6 boxes6 - 9 boxes
Roll of tape$2.50For securely sealing boxes.2 - 3 rolls3 - 6 rolls
Packing paper 10lbs / 25lbs$16.00 / $33.65Packing dishes and breakables.10 lbs25 lbs
Shrink wrap$19.99Protects furniture such as tables, upholstered seating, dressers.1 roll2 rolls
Twin mattress bag$5.99For protecting twin sized mattresses.As needed.As needed.
Queen mattress bag$6.99For protecting queen & double bed sized mattresses.As needed.As needed.
King mattress bag$8.99For protecting king sized mattresses.As needed.As needed.

Individual Packing Supplies

 Studio Package1 Bedroom Package2 Bedroom PackageSmall House PackageMedium House PackageLarge House Package
Total Boxes2030406075100
1.25 cubic foot book box555101015
1.75 cubic foot small box5515152025
2 cubic foot medium box51010152525
4 cubic foot large box51010151525
6 cubic foot large box0005510
Packing paper10 lbs10 lbs10 lbs25 lbs25 lbs25 lbs
Rolls of tape223346
Package Price$75.00$85.00$100.00$150.00$185.00$225.00

Delivery Options

We deliver anywhere in Metro Vancouver Zone 1 for no charge and elsewhere for a small flat fee. If advanced Packing & Organizing Services are needed we can also deliver your Packing & Moving Supplies at no charge.

Order VolumeZone 1Zone 2Zone 3Zone 4
Over $100Free$29$54Custom
Under $100$29$54$79Custom
If purchased & delivered with packing servicesFreeFreeFreeCustom